Masjid selamat dalam gempa bumi di Haiti

Mosques in Haiti were not damaged and have become shelters for the homeless –

Tuesday evening a group of Muslims of the Islamic community of the Caribbean, arrived in Port-au-Prince with relief supplies. The next day, the team leader said of the Haitian capital: “We made it safely to Haiti and are now in monotheism Mosque (Masjid al-Tawhid) in Port-au-Prince. We were on the road all night. Around two o’clock we crossed the border into the Dominican Republic with Haiti and drove, until we are met by our brothers and sisters in Port-au-Prince. While the situation is dangerous, we have not taken any measures for their protection, we rely on Allah, Praise Him. We can not stand idly by when our brothers and sisters do not have enough food and water. City engulfed by chaos. Day and night people stand in queues for kerosene. Our brothers have helped us unload the truck. They, their wives and children were happy to see food and drinks. Seeing us, they cried tekbir “Allahu Akbar!” They’re waiting for us all day. After unloading, we read the evening prayer with jamaat (group). May Allaah help us all!”

On the morning of Jan. 20 there was a second zemletryasenenie capacity of 6.1 points. “We lay down to rest after Fajr, but were awakened by tremors. Everyone started screaming Shahadah (testimony of faith) and rushed into the street. Praise be to Allah, nothing terrible has happened. Several buildings near the mosque collapsed, but the mosque stood firm on her not even the cracks “- says a spokesperson for the group.

Mosques in Port-au-Prince is turned into shelters as for Muslims and for unbelievers. Those who do not fit inside a living in tent camps around the mosques. Many people are injured and need medical care, food and water. Muslim non-governmental organizations sent aid, and thousands of people come to the mosque to get her, but it is not enough for all, that inflame tensions.

In the mosque monotheistic group members met with the Haitian brothers.

brother Abu Bakr said that the earthquake had killed my sister, she remained under the rubble of their homes. She converted to Islam just a few months before his death. His brother was missing. Abu Bakr himself now lives in the mosque.

My brother Ibrahim were killed under the ruins of a cousin, uncle, his wife and several neighbors.

The situation in humans is very difficult. Not enough food, clothing and medicine. The biggest deficit is the drinking water.

Dead body lying on the roadside. But, as a rule, the corpses are placed in special buildings, on which hung a sign: “Here the dead bodies.” Many people here do not receive any assistance, much of the humanitarian aid is still in the airport on the basis of the UN – tells portal

Team Site asks readers elevate prayer to God for our brothers and sisters in Haiti. Amin.


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  1. I couldnt understand some parts of this article, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sure sounds interesting!

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