Morrocans support Palestine, not ties with Israel

free_palestineSeveral NGOs and human rights groups demonstrated in central Rabat on Wednesday evening, September 9th, against Israeli policies in Palestinian territories.

Organizers say they support Palestinians, but not policies like the siege imposed by Israel on the Gaza strip.

They are also calling for the Moroccan government not to normalize ties with Israel.

The Moroccan NGOs say Washington is putting pressure on some moderate Arab States, including Morocco, to resume ties with Israel.

Demonstrators chanted slogans in support of Palestinians, calling for an end to Israeli occupation and settlement construction, and for ending the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip.

[Khalid Sefiani, Chairman of Iraqi and Palestinian Support Coaltion]:
“Morocco believes that the Palestinian cause is the cause of the whole nation. If this is how we, who are far away, feel, then you can imagine how those who are close (to the Palestinian territories) feel. Moroccans are convinced that Palestine is part of them and that its problems are part and parcel of its problems too because the Zionist project is not targeting Palestine alone.”

Morocco closed the Israeli liaison bureau in Rabat in 2001.

The Moroccan government did not confirm nor deny reports leaked by the Israeli media saying that the Israeli liaison bureau in Rabat may be reopened soon.


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